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About Us



1-To Help The Needy People And Orphans In The Community.

2-To Provide Education Services Among The People in The Community.

3-To Provide Medical Services Among The Community Members.

4-To Reduce The Number Of Street Kids And Needy People in The Community.

5-To Promote Vocational Skills in The Community Members

6-To Promote The Well Being of The Needy People and Orphans in The Community.


1- The Project provides Food for Needy People and Orphans For Every Month.

2-The project also Provides Clothes For Needy People and Orphans.

3- The Project Pay School Fees for Orphans and children of Needy People for Every term.

4-The project provides Books, Pens, Soap, and school uniforms for Orphans Every term.

5- The Project also Construct Houses, Latrine, and Kitchens for Needy People and Orphans.

6- The Project provides Medical Services for Both Needy People and Orphans in The Community.

7- The project also Provides Vocational Skills To People In The Community.


1- The Project is planning to start the Nursery and primary school for Orphans and Needy people.

. Project Needs Land to Construct a School.
. Project Needs Salary for Teachers.
. Project Needs Food for Orphans Every term.
. Project Needs enough Capital to Start the School.
. Project Needs Money to buy Land for The School.
. Project Needs Furniture For The School.

2-The project Is planning to start Vocational School For Both Needy and Orphans.

3-The project is also planning to Construct a Medical Clinic for Orphans and Needy People in the community in order to provide medical services.

4-The project is also planning to support more than 200 and more than 150 people so we need more sponsors to support the project.

5-The project is planning to buy Land for The Needy People and Orphans.

6-The project is also planning to provide Food for more than 500 Needy People Every Month in The Community.


1- Lack of enough Capital to Buy basic Needs for people and Orphans – epidemic Disease which attacks Needy People and Orphans.

3- Shortage of land.

4- Lack of more sponsors which can Support more than 500 People in The Community.

5- Lack of Enough school Fees to pay for The Orphans in secondary school and primary school.

6- Shortage of food for Needy People and Orphans.

7- Lack of Medical Services in the community.

8- Lack of enough money to buy Land for Both Orphans and Needy People.

9- Lack of enough capital to start our own Nursery School, Primary School, Vocational School.

– Katushabe Isaac Director of BHHNP Project In Uganda